Joe Zubi

An accomplished industry veteran with a wealth of experience and passion for all things advertising, Joe Zubi is virtually a brand onto himself. Over the past 30+ years, Joe has helped to build stronger, more successful brands for Fortune 500 companies including Ford Motor Company, J.P. Morgan Chase, Dunkin’ Donuts, American Airlines, Walgreens, S.C. Johnson, Pizza Hut, the J.M. Smucker Co. and Mars, Incorporated.

Joe’s passionate vision, authenticity and dynamic energy engages his team, partners, clients, family and friends. His larger than life personality and commitment to delivering the best brand experience for each consumer serves to inspire people – qualities essential to his ongoing success. As COO for Zubi Advertising, Joe oversaw business development, strategic planning and client relations, he immersed himself in every aspect of the business keeping abreast of key partners’ categories, the business opportunities the prioritized and the needs they were looking to address.

Eager to learn himself, Joe is a dynamic speaker and a natural teacher who challenges the critical and analytical thinking of any student. His experience provides him with countless examples and real-life business cases that bring theory to life in fun, dynamic ways. His approach to teaching provokes curiosity and critical thinking, and his enthusiasm for the subject mater is contagious. Open, honest and accessible, he establishes the kind of dialogue that leaves its mark, challenging students to build a solid foundation of fundamentals that they can use as a starting point and encouraging them to trust that knowledge (and their gut).

After selling Zubi to WPP, Joe accepted a position with The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce as SVP Communications to reorganize and revitalize the Chamber’s internal and external communications strategies. This is part of an overall plan to provide greater value for members, stem the decline in membership and increase the relevance of the Chamber to the business community.

He has restructured the communications team to bring in more social media experts and graphic designers that have impacted the look and feel of all Chamber communications and increased the number of followers by double digits. Beyond the communications division, Joe is the second in command of the Chamber’s management, working with President/CEO Alfred Sanchez to develop the objectives and strategies that are driving the Chamber forward and reinventing its purpose in this day of new technologies which has enabled businesses to interact with each other in new ways.